66. Excellent Factory Engraved Smith and Wesson Safety Hammerless Double Action Revolver

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serial #148804, 32 S&W, 3 1/2" ribbed round barrel with a bright excellent bore. This lovely double action revolver is factory No. 2 engraved with light sprays of loose open flowing scroll with background punch-dot shading. The barrel retains 98 to 99% original nickel, the loss is due to some very light oxidation at the muzzle which has left a tiny bit of pinprick pitting. The cylinder is similar showing a couple small spots of oxidation between two of the radiused sections between the flutes, it is rather unobtrusive and does not detract from the fine condition of this arm. The frame shows perhaps a bit more wear as there is light oxidation at the left of the frame at grip and a tiny bit more on the right, but more noticeable oxidation along the frontstrap. The color case-hardened trigger rates very good plus with some excellent colors still and remnants of some very light oxidation, triggerguard retains 98% very strong original bright blue. The factory smooth mother-of-pearl grips with recessed gold Smith & Wesson medallions rate excellent. The arm actually appears very much un-fired, and may well not have been, there is absolutely no flash evidence on the face of the cylinder, within the chambers, nor of the breech face of the pistol. The included factory letter shows shipment in 1906 to a "W.A. Wilkins Jr." and confirms that the arm is factory No. 2 engraved "with name" and pearl grips. Indeed "Marie Bosler" is engraved in a field on the left frame flat. A cursory search of the two names reveals a Marie Bosler from Albany New York, a prominent young woman who was stepdaughter of a very famous paleontologist and professor at RPI, John Mason Clarke, and also a William A Wilkins prominent in that area as well. Further research may prove how the two new one-another. Overall a very lovely factory-engraved Second Model Safety Hammerless "lemon squeezer" Smith revolver remaining in an extremely fine state of condition. (38681-2) {C&R} (3000/5000) SOLD FOR $3,737.50

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