69. Rare And Fine Colt Paterson No. 2 Improved Belt (Fifth Model Ehlers) Model Revolver

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serial #165, .31 caliber, 4 1/2" octagon barrel with a near very good bore that shows strong rifling its entire length with some scattered light pitting and oxidation in areas. This little revolver has all matching numbers on every component and has the proper barrel addres with "Mfg Co." omitted so it reads from muzzle to butt "Patent Arms Paterson, NJ Colt's Pt.". The revolver has Ehlers' loading lever which is held in the closed position by a steel clasp that was carried over onto the Walker. The condition of the revolver is very nice with the barrel retaining about 30% bright original blue with the loss apparently due to flaking and with those areas of loss bearing a pleasing and very smooth brown patina. The centaur cylinder scene remains fully visible and the cylinder is essentially free of any pitting and bears a lovely smooth even brown patina overall. The frame also retains about 30% bright original blue with the balance showing a smooth gray brown patina. The one-piece walnut grip shows nice figure and retains 90% original varnish overall. The revolver comes in a very nice period case which fits the gun perfectly and has proper recessed areas to hold the revolver, powder flask, mould and "P" shaped combination tool (accessories are no longer present). The case rates very good plus overall having had some finish added to the exterior. This is an extremely rare antique cased Colt revolver that remains in fine all original and all matching condition. (18509-1) {ANTIQUE} (50000/75000) SOLD FOR $54,000.00

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