80. Extremely Rare Confederate Spiller & Burr Metallic Cartridge Converted Revolver

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serial #700, 38 CF, 7" octagon barrel with a dark worn bore. This revolver features all matching numbers on the buttstrap, bottom of frame beneath the triggerguard, on the inside flat of the triggerguard and on the bottom of the barrel just ahead of the frame. There is no visible number on the cylinder but the cylinder numbers were toward the rear and this cylinder was converted to cartridge. The left side of the front strap is also stamped with a letter "B" and the left side of the frame is properly marked "C.S.". The conversion was performed by milling the rear of the cylinder until the nipple recesses were gone and adding a 1/4" thick plate to the rear of the cylinder drilled through and aligned with the cylinder so it will accept a metallic cartridge. The original hammer is still in place with its striking face filed so it will contact the primer of a centerfire cartridge. The condition is very honest with the barrel, loading lever and cylinder all bearing a rich brown patina with old scattered surface oxidation and a little scattered light pitting. The brass frame bears a lovely untouched patina. The topstrap shows a partial crack with about 80% of the brass in that area still intact and there appears to have been no attempt to address this at any point. The two-piece walnut grips have a rich dark color and rate good plus to very good with a chip missing from the toe of the right grip and with overall wear commensurate with the balance of the revolver. There is added oil finish on the grip along with some period lightly scratched lines and symbols. This is a completely honest and authentic revolver which was part of the Cliff & Lynne Young Collection of Boston for many years. Cliff Young was one of the preeminent collectors and scholars of Confederate arms, collecting them since the early 1950's. He was an early member and former director of the prestigious American Society of Arms Collectors as well as a former President, Board Member and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Massachusetts Arms Collectors. A great opportunity for the Civil War collector to acquire an ultra-rare and absolutely authentic Spiller & Burr metallic cartridge converted revolver. (18568-11) {ANTIQUE} (10000/20000) SOLD FOR $12,650.00

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