82. Rare Winchester Model 1885 High Wall Musket

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serial #72054, 45-70 Govt., 32" barrel with a very good to perhaps near very good plus bore which shows strong rifling but with scattered light oxidation in the grooves and some sparsely scattered very light pitting, more prominent near the throat. The barrel retains perhaps 90% original fading blue, the loss due to even overall fading, appearing to be a deeper gray-blue under normal ambient light but toning to plum under high bright light. The barrel shows the expected tiny dings or handling marks here and there and some sparsely scattered light oxidation, the dings more prominent around the barrel bands. The receiver retains a strong 97% original color case-hardening which is vivid in spots and drifting slightly in others, while the lever is a mottled smoky silvery and brown case-hardened patina with generous traces of colors at its root. The buttstock and near full-length forend rate very good with overall very minor dings and handling marks from the years and a bit of added finish, but they are un-sanded, the buttstock with the beginnings of two small cracks at the rear of the upper tang which are unobtrusive. The musket is sighted with a windage-adjustable globe front sight and Winchester No. 38-A midrange tang sight at rear, the military-style musket barrel sight is no longer present. The base of the sight shows a bit of oxidation and the elevation knob is not present atop the staff, what is likely the original factory cleaning rod is present in the cleaning rod channel. Winchester High Wall Muskets in large bore centerfire calibers are very seldom-encountered, this is a very nice example clearly used for mid-range shooting by some targeter of yesteryear. (38507-2) {ANTIQUE} (3000/4000) SOLD FOR $3,450.00

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