Auction #118 –June 2, 2018
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ITEM #329
U.S. Model 1911A1 Semi-Auto Pistol by Remington Rand

ITEM #330
Starr Arms Co. Single Action Model 1863 Army Revolver

ITEM #331
Rare Sharps Line Throwing Gun

ITEM #332
Custom Mannlicher Model MCA Engraved and Carved Carbine

ITEM #333
Marlin Model 1881 Lever Action Rifle

ITEM #334
Rare Early Ruger No. 1 Varminter Falling Block Rifle

ITEM #335
Custom Ruger No. 1 Light Sporter Falling Block Rifle

ITEM #336
Ruger No. 1 International RMEF Limited Edition 1996 Commemorative Rifle

ITEM #337
Custom Ruger No. 1 Falling Block Rifle by George Wessinger

ITEM #338
Winchester Model 101 Field Variation Quail Special Over Under Shotgun

ITEM #339
Scarce U.S. Model 1898 Krag Bolt Action Rifle with Stevens-Pope Barrel

ITEM #340
Early German G33/40 Bolt Action Carbine by Waffenwerke Brunn

ITEM #341
U.S. Marked Winchester Model 12 Riot Slide Action Shotgun

ITEM #342
British MKIII Martini Henry Falling Block Carbine by BSA

ITEM #343
Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver with Holster

ITEM #344
Merwin Hulbert & Company Pocket Army Revolver

ITEM #345
U.S. Model M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine by Inland Division

ITEM #347
Cased Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver

ITEM #348
Custom Colt Single Action Army Bisley Model Revolver by Jim Stroh of Alpha Precision

ITEM #349
Colt Lightning Small Frame Slide Action Rifle

ITEM #350
Colt Python Double Action Revolver

ITEM #351
Heckler & Koch P7 M8 Semi-Auto Pistol

ITEM #352
German Lp.08 Artillery Luger Pistol by DWM

ITEM #353
German P.08 Luger BYF-Coded Pistol by Mauser

ITEM #354
Whitney Kennedy Small Caliber Lever Action Sporting Rifle

ITEM #355
Marlin Model 1881 Lever Action Rifle

ITEM #356
Whitney Kennedy Small Caliber Lever Action Saddle Ring Carbine

ITEM #357
U.S. Model 1861 Percussion Contract Rifle-Musket by Parkers Snow

ITEM #358
German Scalloped Boxlock Bockbuchsflinte by Kessler

ITEM #359
State of New York 1809 Contract Flintlock Musket by Pomeroy

ITEM #360
U.S. Model 1819 Hall Percussion Converted Rifle

ITEM #361
U.S. Model 1814 Percussion Rifle with State of New Jersey Surcharge by Deringer

ITEM #362
Custom Remington Hepburn Falling Block Target Rifle

ITEM #363
U.S. Model 1855 Rifle-Musket with Roberts Breechloading Conversion

ITEM #364
Sedgley 1903 Magazine Sporting Rifle with Retailer Marking

ITEM #365
Custom Marlin Ballard Pacific Rifle by RC Shannon

ITEM #366
U.S. Model 1903 Mark I Rifle by Springfield Armory

ITEM #367
U.S. Model 1903 Rifle by Springfield Armory

ITEM #368
Colt Lightning Small Frame Slide Action Rifle

ITEM #369
Engraved Smith & Wesson 1st Model Single Action Top-Break Revolver

ITEM #370
U.S. Model 1911 Semi-Auto Pistol by Colt

ITEM #371
Walther PPK Dural Frame Commercial Semi-Auto Pistol

ITEM #372
Wildey Survivor Semi-Auto Pistol

ITEM #373
British Contract Ballester-Molina Semi-Auto Pistol by H.A.F.D.A.S.A.

ITEM #374
Colt Cobra Double Action Revolver

ITEM #375
Rohrbaugh R9S Stealth Elite Semi-Auto Pistol

ITEM #376
Custom Colt New Service Revolver

ITEM #377
Colt Woodsman Match Target Semi-Auto Pistol

ITEM #378
Kimber Team Match II Semi-Auto Pistol

ITEM #379
High Standard Supermatic Trophy Semi-Auto Pistol