16. Rare Remington Rolling Block Military Rifle with Dodge Brothers Patent Breechblock

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44-77, 35" barrel with a bright excellent bore. The in-the-white barrel rates excellent with a few minor oxidation stains mostly toward the muzzle. The bands retain 85% original blue, the loss due to some flaking to brown along their edges. The action retains 90% original vivid case colors with some light scratches on the left side of the frame, minor freckling specks and some flaking to brown, most noticeable on the triggerguard. The walnut stock rates excellent retaining much of its original oil finish with the expected handling marks that come with the years. The rifle appears unmarked and it features a Dodge Brothers patent articulating breechblock. This rifle includes a sales ad for a Dodge Brothers Rolling Block rifle that states only six of these arms are known and five of which are in the Smithsonian firearms collection. Also included are the patent drawings and a patent letter detailing the function of the improvement. Really a rare arm in high condition that is worthy of the most advanced Remington or military collections. (208804-5) {ANTIQUE} (2000/3000) SOLD FOR $2,530.00

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