18. Scarce U.S. Model 1880 Trapdoor Rifle by Springfield Armory

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serial #157634, 45-70, 32 5/8" barrel with a bright near excellent bore that shows a few light pits in the grooves. The barrel and bands of this high condition rifle retain 90-93% original blue with some light freckling and scattered light flaking to brown. The breechblock and upper tang retain 95% original case colors with some light freckling specks. The hammer and breechblock retain 93% original blue with some minor freckling and light flaking to brown. The triggerguard and lower tang retain 97% original blue with minor flaking to brown. The buttplate is primarily a gray patina with overall oxidation staining and some traces of original blue. The walnut stock rates excellent with a crisp 1881 dated inspection cartouche, two crisp circled "P" firing proofs, the expected scattered dings and handling marks. Only 1001 of these rifles were made by Springfield Armory in 1881, they had 1873 dated breechblocks and fell between the 154,000 and 158,000 serial number range. The rifle is equipped with an 1879 rifle rear sight and a correct bayonet. The hammer and breechblock appear to function well and this arm remains in stunning condition. Surviving examples of this rifle are rare and this one remains in superb condition overall. (208752-22) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) SOLD FOR $1,955.00

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