192. U.S. M1 Garand Rifle by Springfield Armory

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serial #6096868, 30-06, 24" 5-56 dated Springfield barrel with an excellent bore. The metal surfaces retain 95% arsenal parkerized finish with some fading along the edges of the gas cylinder and barrel. The walnut stock rates very good plus with an added varnish, a strong "DoD Eagle" cartouche, a partially faded circled "P" firing proof, a few dings and handling marks. The rifle exhibits a few National Match style features such as a "NM (Star)" marking on the left side of barrel, a hooded rear sight, an "NM/062" front sight and a grease penciled number in the barrel channel of the stock. This rifle is in the known serial number range of late National Match rifles but there is no bedding compound in the stock and no "T" marking near the barrel date. A very interesting Garand that will likely perform well at the range. (208809-171) {C&R} (1500/2000) SOLD FOR $1,265.00

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