197. Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle

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serial #96241, 38-70 WCF, 26" octagon barrel with a very good bore which shows strong rifling but with some sparsely scattered light oxidation and two length-wise scratches or striations along the right barrel wall. The barrel and magazine tube are a mix of dark gray-blue faded original blue, plum brown and pewter patina with the sparsely scattered handling mark here or there and light oxidation. The magazine tube cap and the hanger band both show some light damage. The receiver is an even mix of soft plum brown and silvery flaked case-hardening, also with some minor oxidation staining. The bolt retains excellent original blue with both hammer and lever a dark mottled case-hardened patina. The straight grip walnut buttstock and forend rate about very good with the expected dings and handling marks from the years, the forend showing perhaps a bit more wear with more prominent handling marks. There is a prominent ding at the right side of butt at the crescent plate and what may be a sanded-over chip to the right of the upper tang. The gun seems to function well mechanically and the action is crisp. The arm features a Beach-style combination front sight, Lyman No. 6 sporting rear sight, the tang showing evidence that it once had a sight in place. A very good 1895-manufactured Model 1886 overall. (38737-552) {ANTIQUE} [Dr. Louis C. March Jr. Collection] (1500/2000) SOLD FOR $1,955.00

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