204. U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Musket by Harpers Ferry

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.69 cal, 42" barrel with an oxidized bore. The metal surfaces are primarily a pleasing pewter gunmetal gray with scattered light oxidation staining and light pinprick pitting, also with some minor dings from the years, mostly in the area around the barrel bands. The eaglehead and firing proofs are prominent at the breech with the tang dated 1835, the barrel flats also showing tool marks in this area. The lockplate features the appropriate eagle with U.S. and Harpers Ferry markings and is 1835 dated. The American walnut stock rates very good with much original varnish and the expected overall dings and handling marks from the years with a number of light drying cracks, most prevalent at the butt and to the rear of the lockplate. There are very good left-side inspectors markings, the sling swivels are intact, there is a trumpet shaped ramrod and the arm seems to function well mechanically. There are initials very lightly incise-carved on the butt both on the left and right. A very nice example of the type III National Armory Bright-finished 1816 flintlock musket. (38752-99) {ANTIQUE} (2000/3000) SOLD FOR $2,185.00

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