311. German K43 Semi Auto Rifle by Berliner Lubecker

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Description Update (5/31/18): 1 1/2" crack behind receiver on left side of wrist

serial #8942, 8mm Mauser, 22" barrel with a fair bore that shows pitting and oxidation throughout most of its length but evident rifling. The metal surfaces are an overall dull gray patina with scattered oxidation staining, traces of original blue and phopshate. The laminated stock rates very good as-refinished with a thickly added varnish, the sling slots being filled in, a small crack behind the triggerguard, scattered flaking and handling marks. The rear sight base is marked "(Eagle)/214 8942 K.43 qve 45.", the bolt carrier is stamped matching to the receiver and correctly marked with an "(Eagle)/214" on top. The bolt, extractor, locking lugs, firing pin housing and action housing are all electropenciled numbered matching but the remaining parts appear unnumbered. The bolt hold-open is not working, there is no cleaning rod present and a post-war Danish magazine is included. A good example of a late-war Lubecker K43 rifle. (208737-638) {C&R} [Dr. Louis C. March Jr. Collection] (2000/2500) SOLD FOR $2,415.00

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