34. U.S. Model 1819 Hall Breechloading Flintlock Rifle by Harpers Ferry

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.52 cal. 32 3/4" rifled barrel with a near very good bore which shows evident rifling but with minor pitting its full-length. The metal surfaces are an overall dull gunmetal gray and speckled plum brown patina with sparsely scattered light pitting, the bands more of a plum. The breechblock marking "J.H.Hall/H. Ferry/U.S./1826" is still sharp. The smooth walnut buttstock rates very good with much original varnish and mostly crisp edges, showing a repaired chip utilizing the original piece at the very rear top of the mechanism above the wrist. The frizzen spring is weak, as-is the hammer spring but the arm remains in original flint and the original ramrod is present. A very good example overall. (38752-71) {ANTIQUE} (1800/2200) SOLD FOR $2,070.00

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