347. Cased Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver

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serial #141860, .31 cal, 4" octagon barrel with an about very good bore which shows some bright areas and strong rifling but with light scattered oxidation and light pitting. The barrel is primarily a pleasing smooth tarnished pewter gray with generous traces of original blue on the flats, perhaps 5-10%, with some tiny dings around the wedge, the loading lever with generous trace smoky case hardening. The stagecoach holdup scene is crisp and there are remnants of the hammer rest pins intact, with a bit of pinprick pitting around the leading edge of the cylinder and in the cap splash areas at rear. The frame is primarily a mottled smoky case-hardened patina with the generous trace colors beneath the right recoil shield, the left of frame with some generous trace colors on the flat. The triggerguard and backstrap retain a good deal of their original silver plate, the guard with loss on the bow and the edges of the frontstrap, the backstrap with wear only at the sharp edge of the butt and one flaked area halfway up its length. The one-piece English walnut grip rates excellent with nearly all its original varnish showing only very light wear along the sharp edges of the butt and perhaps some tiny handling marks, it is numbered to the gun in antique ink pen. All of the numbers are matching including the wedge and the gun functions well mechanically. The arm rides in what is likely an original Colt case with neat scribe marks at the hinges and a faded Burgundy baize interior. The mahogany case rates very good over all with a drying crack in the lid and some light warping from the years. On the interior is an Eley brothers cap tin, brass Colt dual cavity mould with good cavities, rating very good overall, eagle and star pattern common top flask which is functional, combination nipple wrench-screwdriver and the key to the case. A lovely ensemble overall still in a very fine state of condition. (38804-4) {ANTIQUE} (2500/4000) SOLD FOR $2,530.00

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