367. U.S. Model 1903 Rifle by Springfield Armory

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serial #82954, 24" 1-08 dated Springfield Armory barrel with a bright very good plus to near excellent bore. The barrel and bands have faded to a gray and brown patina, the bands with trace original blue and light oxidation. The receiver shows some very good oil-quenched dark gray and silvery case-hardening. The bolt body is a mix of worn original blue and pewter patina with mottled smoky case hardening on the shroud and safety, the bottom metal faded primarily to pewter. The straight grip no bolt stock and flat-top early handguard rate very good with the expected minor dings and handling marks from the years. The left side features a crisp "W.E.S." boxed cartouche with an un-serifed circled P firing proof along the toeline and number "L-13" stamped twice along the toeline. The smooth trapdoor buttplate shows remnants of original blue and there are some minor impact marks around the ordnance bomb on the barrel, but overall this is a very attractive, early example 1903 rifle. As with all low-numbered 1903 Springfield rifles, this arm is sold only as a collectors item for the student of 1903 rifles and military arms and no thought of loading live ammunition nor of firing the arm should be entertained. (38752-119) {C&R} (1000/1500) SOLD FOR $1,610.00

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