450. U.S. Model 1847 Artillery Musketoon

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.69 cal (worn to about .74 with the muzzle slightly flared crowned at a very slight angle), 26" barrel with an oxidized bore. The barrel and bands are a tarnished pewter gray patina with overall light oxidation staining and light pitting, more moderate in the flash area around the nipple bolster. The lockplate is a darker gray patina, it's markings still evident, the eagle a bit light, the hammer showing similar pitting as the bolster. The pitting has obscured the barrels markings however the lock is properly Springfield marked and dated 1853. The stock rates about very good showing an old light cleaning many years ago which has left the edges somewhat soft. There are minor chips and cracks here and there, and more prominent repaired crack on the left side of forend ahead of the band and a moderate crack just to the rear of that band. The original trumpet shaped ramrod is present and the gun seems to function well mechanically. (38752-54) {ANTIQUE} (1200/1800) SOLD FOR $1,035.00

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