478. Dual-Purpose British Flintlock Militia Musket-Fowler with Matching Bayonet

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About 69 cal, 39" barrel with an oxidized bore. The barrel is primarily a pleasing plum brown patina with pewter undertones and scattered light oxidation staining, and exhibits British proofs at its rear, and neatly engraved "No30" about 3" from the breech; there is a square lug atop the barrel at the muzzle as sighting and bayonet provision. The lock is by Ketland & Adams and is so-marked and shows very light borderline engraving with the hammer showing some light oxidation, the touchole and pan very worn from erosion, the pan actually chipped out in one spot. The brass hardware is a dull goldenrod patina, the left sideplate appears to be a more modern replacement but is well-done. The English walnut stock rates about very good with the overall expected dings and handling marks from the years, a bit of added finish and grime, the checkering with mullered borders but nearly filled. There are a number of areas that show some light oxidation leaching around some of the iron pins and there is a small chip missing atop the island-carved tang. The sling swivels are no longer present and there is a small incise inlaid diamond which is no longer present at the left side of the butt. The lock is mechanically functional and what is likely an original ramrod is present. The best feature of the musket is its hand-forged socket bayonet which is inspector stamped "LH" near the base and is neatly engraved on the socket "No30" identically to that on the barrel. The bayonet itself is 17 1/4" overall length and has an L-slot mortise. The blade is 13 1/4" with back flutes and no face flute; as-expected it fits the musket precisely. A very nice example overall of the Federal Period Militia dual-purpose fowler-musket, most of which were imported to these shores from Britain "in between the conflicts". (38735-19) {ANTIQUE} (800/1200) SOLD FOR $1,092.50

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