52. U.S. M1 Garand National Match Type 2 Style Rifle

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serial #5898061, 30-06, 24" 9-54 dated NM marked barrel with an excellent bore. The metal surfaces retain 95% arsenal parkerized finish with some light silvering on the gas cylinder and some light fading. The walnut stock rates excellent with an added oil finish, a crisp circled "P" firing proof, a couple minor dings and a few handling marks. The stock has the last four digits of the rifle's serial number grease penciled in the barrel channel and it has an armorer quality bedding job. The barrel is marked with the correct drawing number, a sideways "P", "NM" at both the rear and left front but there is no "T" targeted marking present. The rear sight and windage knob are both "NM" marked, the operating rod is completely unmarked and the trigger housing appears to be of World War Two Springfield manufacture. This rifle has some correct features of a Type 2 National Match but it does deviate from known correct examples in a few ways. A fine M1 Garand match style rifle that will likely perform at the range. (208737-291) {C&R} [Dr. Louis C. March Jr. Collection] (2000/3000) SOLD FOR $1,495.00

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