571. Custom Smith & Wesson Victory Model Revolver

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serial #V675777, 38 S&W, 5" barrel with a bright excellent bore. The metal surfaces retain about 99% later post-engraving blue finish. The hammer and trigger retain bright engine turning on their flat surfaces, the spine of the hammer with some very good color case-hardening. The revolver has a pair of smooth ivory grips which rate very good, with a light incise-carved single line border around their periphery, they are un-numbered and fit slightly undersize. These revolvers were clearly engraved in Germany, likely after the war for some GI stationed there, each features loose open flowing Germanic foliate scroll in near full coverage on the frame with only light wedges on the barrel. There are other geometric embellishments in the bordering areas and pinched portion of frame area. The action appears to have been tuned and the gun times and locks up extremely well. The lanyard loop remains intact. It is clear that the following lot is paired with this revolver as they are almost identical. (38737-176) {C&R} [Dr. Louis C. March Jr. Collection] (800/1200) SOLD FOR $977.50

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