612. Unmarked European Flintlock Blunderbuss

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About .80 caliber flaring to 2" at the muzzle. The part octagon part round barrel is damascus and has a turned medial at the point of transition and shows a moderately oxidized bore. The barrel itself is now a gray patina with minor oxidation staining and scattered light pitting, it is completely unmarked. The lockplate is a similar dull pewter and plum patina and is 1813 dated and shows the "dancing lion" East India Co. stamping ahead of the cock. The frizzen spring is no longer present, the frizzen itself is bridled. There is a later brass nosecap affixed which is only partially present, the ramrod thimble has a small hole rusted-through and tailpipe only partially present as well. The long tang triggerguard has an unadorned pineapple front extension, the tang sitting slightly proud of the wood, the buttplate is similar. The stock is European walnut and rates good showing an old light refinish which has left some of the metal proud and with numerous small cracks along the length of the barrel channel, a few of which have been repaired. The stock is rather coarsely checkered and features a nice flared left-side cheekpiece. The lock seems to function well mechanically, there is no ramrod present, but overall a rather nice example which no doubt went to the near East. The stock certainly could be spruced up if one wished, and the buttplate and triggerguard re-inletted and re-fitted. (38823-1) {ANTIQUE} (800/1200) SOLD FOR $862.50

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