618. New Hampshire Percussion Underhammer Sporting and Target Rifle by Hilliard

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serial #2600, .34 cal, 24 1/2" octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore. The barrel is a deep plum brown and pewter patina with sparse overall light oxidation or pinprick pitting. The barrel is turned for starter and features a dual front globe sight with simple lollipop insert and a small blade mounted atop the globe. There is a long tang rear sight, also with dual apertures, step-adjustable for elevation. The left diagonal flat of the barrel is marked "DH Hilliard/Cornish/New Hampshire" along with the serial number. "Uncle Dave" Hilliard was a very prolific maker and known for his quality firearms and ability to make barrels. The walnut buttstock rates excellent for its age with only minor dings and handling marks and nearly all its original varnish with actually endearing minor soot, grime, oil and wax from the years. There is a semi-ornate iron triggerguard with forward-curling finger spur and a rearward-curving grip flourish and a large crescent buttplate affixed. There is a single pendulum style patchbox and the left side of the rifle has a nice flared shadowline cheekpiece with a small German silver inlay which is un-engraved. This arm was Creighton Audette's personal muzzleloader with which he hunted, and was purchased at his estate sale by the consignor. It is singled trigger equipped and functions very well and is said to be very accurate. It includes an original brass "sugarloaf" or picket bullet-style mould, a small leather pouch, normally associated with shot, a modern iron patch knife, an assortment of brushes and two walnut loading blocks machined by Audette himself. Each will take five patched balls, the ball cavity centered around a milled circle which fits precisely over the turned muzzle, as a short-starter would. There are an assortment of accessories contained within a D-flap hunting pouch with a lightly fringed flap and dual inner compartments. There is a very folky depiction of a bear on the flap of the pouch, possibly something hand-sewn by Mr. Audette himself. (38799-23) {ANTIQUE} (700/900) SOLD FOR $3,220.00

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