794. Engraved Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Medium Frame Spur Trigger Single Action Revolver

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serial #3749, 38 Merwin Hulbert CF, 3 1/2" ribbed round barrel with an oxidized bore showing some good rifling throughout. The metal surfaces of this revolver retain about 95% older professionally reapplied nickel finish showing a few small flakes to gray patina, some dings on the arbor and at the high edges, and scattered spots of nickeled-over fine pinprick pitting throughout. The revolver is extensively embellished with Hopkins & Allen's characteristic punch-dot engraving featuring geometric and floral designs as well as a rabbit on the sideplate. The engraving and markings are still quite crisp and clear with the majority of softening on the cylinder and many of the screw heads show some light slot damage. The trigger is mostly a smooth dark gray patina while the hammer retains some strong hints of case-hardened colors mostly toning to gray patina with some freckling and light oxidation. The smooth antique ivory grips are both scratch-numbered "34" on their interiors and the right panel is also pencil-numbered to the gun. They remain in very good plus condition having shrunken slightly and showing some minor staining and very nice rich patina. Barrel-to-frame fit shows a hint of play and the mechanism function well with solid timing and lockup just a little loose. Upon removing the grips, a small handwritten note presented itself dated August 26, 1925 and addressed "To The Finder". The note appears to read as follows: "Took this Gat apart on the night of Aug. 26, 1925 all alone in my room signed John Allas (the surname appears to read "Allas" but is difficult to discern) I was only lonesome for a girl this night to love, to adore + to hold. My thoughts were with my love Catherine Shabozian." There are a few further illegible scribbles. Overall a nice example of these interesting revolvers that could be worthy of some further research. (138827-4) {ANTIQUE} (600/800) SOLD FOR $1,380.00

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