83. U.S. Model 1903 Rifle by Springfield Armory with Warner Swasey Telescopic Musket Sight

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serial #896887, 30-06, 24" 4-18 dated Springfield Armory barrel with a bright excellent bore. The barreled action and bands retain 95% later arsenal deep gray-green parkerized finish, the front band with some very light handling marks. The bolt body and extractor are dark gray-black with the striker, shroud and safety retaining 98% dark rust blue. The bottom metal shows about 90% gray-green parkerized finish with toning to pewter on its sharp edges, a few dings on the floorplate and some very minor oxidation present. The two-bolt stock rates good plus to about very good with moderate oil soaking in both stock and handguard, leaving the wood very dark, with the overall light dings and handling marks one would expect from the years. There are no remnants of any cartouche but a light un-serifed circled P firing proof is evident. Affixed to the left side of the receiver is a correct Warner Swasey telescopic sight mount. Mounted to it is a model 1913 telescopic musket sight serial #2548. The sight rates very fine overall with perhaps 85-90% original black enamel showing light sharp edge wear along with some minor flaking and handling marks here and there. The wind correction and drift tables are still affixed to the tops of the sight with the range-finding table affixed to the rear flat. The adjustment dials are a pewter patina and the adjustment mechanisms seem to work well. The inside of the mounting groove is numbered to the rifle it was originally fitted to "For Rifle No. 625617". The rubber eyecup is missing however the optics are remarkably clear showing a bit of light dirt on the inside, the reticle and rangefinding marks still crisp. A very good-looking and convincing installation overall, the mounting screws are not staked on the inside race of the receiver and the base was mounted upside down but this could easily be rectified by a competent 'smith. Included with the arm is a 1 1/4" military rifle sling from Straus Saddlery company dated 1917, it rates good to perhaps near very good. Modern replacement rubber eyecups can be had for about $85 and would only add to this very attractive display piece overall. (38809-7) {C&R} (2000/3000) SOLD FOR $2,185.00

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