831. Ornate Mediterranean Flintlock Dag Blunderbuss

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About 60 caliber flaring to 3 1/4" at the muzzle, 12 3/4" barrel with a heavily oxidized bore. The barrel on this rather ornate tourist-trade flintlock dag shows semi-ornate damascened inlaid silver or nickel silver on the front half of the barrel in geometric and foliate decorations also with a pair of birds. The rear half of the barrel is deeply chiseled in a rudimentary nondescript geometric pattern, also with silver damascening. The lockplate appears to be from some manner of British martial musket showing the remnants of a GR Cypher, also showing the same damascening as the barrel. The Mediterranean hardwood stock rates very good and has overall brass or nickel silver wire inlays in ornate open scroll with near overall small teardrop-shaped brads. A good deal of this inlay has come out over the years, but a good deal is still present as well. The left side sideplate has a rather rudimentary sling ring and bar affixed. The lock is functional and there is a ramrod present. Likely made for the tourist trade, never as a usable arm, this is very ornate and very pleasing with rather nice barrel treatments. (38750-27) {ANTIQUE} (600/800) SOLD FOR $747.50

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