848. U.S. FP-45 Liberator Pistol by G.M. Guide Lamp Division

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45 ACP, 4" barrel with a moderately oxidized and lightly pitted bore. The barrel has a smooth grind mark with no welding imperfections. The metal surfaces have been cleaned to pewter with scattered light oxidation blemishes, cleaned pitting and a few handling marks. The cocking knob is in excellent condition with cavity mold number 19. This three-hole pistol has a crescent F breech mark, remains fully functional and there is no floorplate present. This gun has an Ulm proof mark dated 5/80 and was numbered "109" on the barrel by the proof house. Another variation of the Liberator to round out your collection. (86229-N25) {C&R} [Elliott Riggs Collection] (600/800) SOLD FOR $920.00

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