890. Danish M1867/96 Rolling Block Rifle

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serial #46558, 11.35mm, 35" barrel with a bright near excellent bore that shows a bit of light frosting in the grooves. The barrel retains perhaps 30% of an armory blue finish with overall flaking to brown, a few tiny spots of oxidation towards muzzle, a few tiny dings and scattered oxidation stain spots. The bands are a dull gray patina with scattered oxidation staining. The action is a light gray patina with scattered oxidation staining spots. The hardwood stock rates very good with an added varnish, scattered dings and handling marks. The buttstock is numbered matching to the barrel along the toeline and there is a small brass disc on the right side of the butt that reads "2AB/1455". The breechblock has two firing pin holes and there is a crown marking on the left side of the barrel, which indicate this rifle was updated to the 11.35mm centerfire cartridge. A very good Danish Rolling Block rifle. (208737-628) {ANTIQUE} [Dr. Louis C. March Jr. Collection] (500/700) SOLD FOR $488.75

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