984. Colt Cobra Double Action Revolver

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serial #C62383, .38 Special, 2" barrel with a bright excellent bore. The metal surfaces retain much of their original nickel-plated finish that has dulled and turned cloudy in several areas with some flaking loss to honest wear and a turn ring along the cylinder. There are spots of flaking along the grip frame and near the seam of the side plate that have exposed metal showing a pewter color with some light oxidation staining. The checkered walnut grips rate excellent and are penciled numbered to another gun with crisp points remaining. The condition of the grips exceeds what one would anticipate for a gun of this condition but they do however fit nicely. This salty revolver will need mechanical attention as the timing is slightly off. (108825-23D33298) {C&R} (400/600) SOLD FOR $488.75

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