1004. German M42 Stahlhelm with Heer Decal

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This is a German M42 stahlhelm with a gray feldgrau paint. The exterior shows some scattered scuffing and some light flaking on top. The interior has a darker gray paint that has some flaking giving way to oxidation on top of the dome, some dirt staining and scattered scuffing. The rear skirt has a stamping that appears to read "S53/2559" and the left side appears unmarked. The M31 liner has a couple tears, some flaking, crazing and soiling. There is no chinstrap present. The left side of the helmet has a silver Heer eagle decal that shows some light flaking. A very good Heer M42 for the World War Two collector. (207879-440CV) [Craig Brown Collection] (/) SOLD FOR $690.00

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