1029. Japanese WWII Officer's Katana

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30 1/4" to the smooth brass sleeve, 42 1/4" overall length. The blade has a visible temper line and remains overall bright retaining most of its original polish with some sparse freckling and staining. There are a few tiny nicks along the main edge and one slightly deeper nick on one side of the spine 11" from the tip. The tang is signed on one side. The decorative round copper tsuba has a pleasing dark patina with gold colored accents and the hozuka plugged with green wax. The tsuba is centered between two brass Seppas and has a double snap leather retention strap for attachment to the scabbard. The stippled copper collar and pommel have a patina closely matching the tsuba. The white ray skin wrapped handle has darkened over time but remains intact and is wrapped in a light brown cloth binding with light staining along the edges. The ornaments are present on both sides of the handle and the wood peg appears original. Attached to the ring is a brown and blue officers tassel. The brown leather covered bamboo scabbard shows scuffs and rubs but remains intact with tight seams and is equipped with a single hanger. An overall excellent example of a WWII officer's katana. (58379-8) (500/700) SOLD FOR $4,600.00

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