1036. U.S. Model 1888 Trapdoor Rifle by Springfield Armory

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serial #525037, 45-70, 32 5/8" barrel with a very good plus bore that shows a patch of light pitting towards muzzle. The barrel is drifting to a gray patina with generous traces of original blue and some light oxidation staining. The bands retain strong amounts of original blue with scattered flaking to brown while the breechblock and upper tang retain generous traces of original case colors with some freckling and oxidation staining. The lock and attendant parts retain 85% original blue with scattered flaking to brown and fading. The triggerguard and lower tang 80% original blue with scattered flaking to brown. The walnut stock rates near excellent with an older added oil finish, a crisp 1891-dated cartouche, a crisp circled "P" firing proof, scattered minor dings and handling marks. The rifle is equipped with a correct Buffington rear sight and a ramrod bayonet. A very good example of these late model Trapdoor rifles. (208909-11) {ANTIQUE} (500/700) SOLD FOR $632.50

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