106. U.S. Model 1808 Flintlock Contact Musket by Thomas French

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.70 cal,. 44 5/8" barrel fastened by three iron barrel bands. This is a very honest, untouched attic condition musket. The lock is marked ahead of cock "(eagle) / "US" in oval / T. FRENCH" and to rear of cock in vertical arch "CANTON / 1811". The metal surfaces of musket bear a deep, rich brown patina with old light surface oxidation in some areas. The breech section of barrel shows heavy pitting and erosion as does the inside of the pan, the frizzen shows a very noticeable indentation from being fired many, many times. The lock markings remain fully legible and the barrel shows "U.S. / (eaglehead) / V" inspector's marks, the eaglehead being light. The stock rates very good, again being honest and appearing untouched with a dry surface and a faint cartouche visible. There is some old oil finish remaining and the edges generally are well defined. Correct trumpet shaped ramrod is present along with original sling swivels. This is just lovely, well-used and then put away and untouched for 150 plus years. (18752-78) {ANTIQUE} (1000/1500) SOLD FOR $1,380.00

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