22. Winchester Model 1890 First Model Solid Frame Slide Action Rifle

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serial #6221, 22 Short, 24" octagon barrel with an about good bore that shows pitting most of its length but with rifling visible throughout. This rifle is properly un-proofed and remains in nice condition. The barrel and magazine retain about 25% original blue finish overall which is evenly thinning and blending with a pleasing smooth brown patina overall. The action shows about 70% original color case-hardened finish overall which has softened but has a pleasing antique appearance with areas of loss showing a medium gray patina that blends nicely with the faded color. The plain walnut buttstock shows about 30% original finish with even wear and a pleasing smooth surface. The grooved forend is similar with most wear on the belly. The tang screw shows some slot damage and the lower tang is just a tiny bit recessed, probably due to over-tightening of the tang screw. A replacement screw and a very slight adjustment to the lower tang would rectify this if it even mattered to the new owner. The rifle is sighted with standard open sporting sights. First model, color case-hardened 1890 rifle are in demand and this example is well above average in condition. (18867-4) {ANTIQUE} (2500/3500) SOLD FOR $2,990.00

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