25. Parker Reproduction DHE Grade Double Ejectorgun

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serial #20-03857, 20 ga., 26? barrels choked a tight improved cylinder and tight modified with bright excellent bores. The barrels retain about 98-99% original blue showing only the very latest muzzle wear and perhaps a tiny handling mark here or there. The boxlock frame retains nearly all its original color case-hardening which is vivid in spots and the drifting slightly in others to a darker gray case-hardened tone. The engraving remains crisp throughout and is a faithful reproduction of Parker?s DHE patterns. The long tang triggerguard retains all its original blue with the forend iron hardware fully color case-hardened. The checkered straight grip English walnut buttstock and splinter style forend rate excellent with only the tiniest and very sparse handling marks here and there. The oval German silver monogram plate along the toeline remains un-engraved and the length of pull to the single selective trigger is 14 1/8? showing drops of 1 3/8? and 2?. The gun locks up perfectly with the top lever still slightly right of center and the arm seems to function well mechanically. These smaller grade DHE?s are getting harder to find, this one remains in excellent plus condition. (38849-7) {MODERN} (3000/5000) SOLD FOR $3,737.50

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