32. Colt Bisley Model Frontier Six Shooter Revolver

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serial #268483, 44-40 WCF, 5 1/2? barrel with a bright excellent bore. This lovely revolver appears very much as-new, as-restored. Barrel and ejector rod housing retain 98 to near 99% original blue, showing some very light plum toning at the muzzle, triggerguard and backstrap are similar while the cylinder shows a few rotational marks and light wear. The frame and loading gate retain 98-99% lovely vibrant restored color case-hardening, the hammer showing only light operational wear. The revolver has a very nice set of diamond-checkered walnut grips fitted which rate excellent and are un-numbered and are likely custom replacements done by whomever did the restoration. The gun seems to function well mechanically and time properly, the half-cock notch is worn and should be given some professional attention. A lovely Frontier Six Shooter that appears very much as it did the day is left the blue dome in 1905. (38864-18) {C&R} (2500/4000) SOLD FOR $2,415.00

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