36. U.S. Colt Model 1873 Artillery Model Revolver

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serial #94385, 45 Colt, 5 1/2? factory shortened barrel with a bright excellent bore. The barrel and ejector rod housing retain about 90-92% Colt factory blue showing wear along the sharp and leading edge of the housing and holster wear along the left side of the barrel. The cylinder shows a bit more loss, perhaps retaining 85% original blue, with flaking to brown, light operational wear and toning to pewter on the high edges and contact points, it is ?P? and ?R.A.C.? marked with a serial number of 6590. The frame retains about 97% original color case-hardening which is muting in areas while quite vivid in others, the screws retaining some good original blue, it is ?D.F.C.? marked ahead of the serial number and very nicely ?U.S.? stamped on the left side of the frame. The hammer is a smoky mottled case-hardened patina with remnants of pale fire temper blue on the trigger, both straps are toning to a plum and pewter with strong original blue at the root of the guard. The guard and the backstrap are numbered 113163/ ?G? and 131975 ?K? respectively. The underside of the barrel shows a remnant of Carrs marking and a small ?P? but the serial number is no longer discernible. The one piece walnut grip rates very good to perhaps very good plus showing ?R.A.C.? markings on left and right of the butt and a good 1903 stamping with the right side ?RAC? cartouche. The interior shows a couple of different ink-pen numbers which are not readily discernible but seem to be numbered to a different gun. The included factory letter shows shipment in 1883 to the U.S. government inspector at the Colt plant and further goes on to state that the arm was refurbished by Colt later and subsequently re-shipped to the Commanding Officer, Springfield Armory, April 17, 1903. The cylinder basepin head is somewhat scarred up and there are the remnants of a light seven-digit number on the bottom flat of the butt, this could be neatly dressed and removed without affecting the serial number, by someone who knew their business. The gun seems to function well mechanically and has good lockup. A very attractive Artillery Model revolver overall retaining a good deal of very nice original Colt finish. (38864-19) {ANTIQUE} (5000/7000) SOLD FOR $4,025.00

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