51. Whitney Kennedy Small Caliber Special Order Lever Action Sporting Rifle

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serial #R389, 38 cal., 24" octagon barrel with full magazine and a mostly good bore that has a series of heavy pits. This rifle features special order deluxe walnut stocks which are uncheckered making this a "semi-deluxe" rifle. The gun features a full loop lever and a two-line barrel address. The metal surfaces of rifle retain a smoky mix of gray patina with some scant traces of original finish in some areas. The walnut buttstock and forend are of highly figured American black walnut and rate excellent, possibly having been lightly cleaned at some point. The stocks fit beautifully and show very few handling marks. The rifle is sighted with a beaded blade front which appears to have been regulated and a standard open sporting rear that also appears to have been neatly filed down to a flat top appearance. This is a handsome rifle. (18315-105LTS241) {ANTIQUE} [Lewis T. Steadman Collection] (2000/3000) SOLD FOR $1,955.00

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