544. A. H. Fox Sterlingworth Boxlock Double Shotgun

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serial #360207, 16 ga., 30? barrels choked full in both with bright about excellent bores which show some very sparse remnants of light oxidation or very light pitting. The barrels retain perhaps 90% original blue, the loss due to even fading and toning to pewter above the carry point of the forend, with sparsely scattered minor handling marks from the years. The frame retains perhaps 20% original color case-hardening, still vivid behind the fences and beneath the top lever, the balance toning to a silvery and pewter patina with a bit of oxidation staining at the carry point of the frame. The checkered walnut capped pistolgrip buttstock rates very good showing a bit of added finish, flaking in the area of the grip and the expected minor dings, dents and handling marks that come from a hunted arm; the forend is similar showing a bit more wear. The gun locks up tightly with the top lever still slightly right of center and seems to function mechanically. The length of pull to the original grooved hard rubber buttplate is 14 1/4? with drops of 1 7/8? and 3 1/4?. The buttstock?s fit is slightly ?off? with wood-to-frame fit showing gaps at the top left and right, it appears to have ?slid-up? showing small flakes at the lower junction with the frame left and right, it certainly could easily be rectified by a good wood man. The solder has come un-fastened from the muzzles as well, but the gun certainly was never shortened, both barrels indeed still touching, another easy fix for any ?smith worth his salt. A rather nice long-barrel small bore Fox overall that swings very nicely that, with a little attention, could be back to afield this October. (38856-10) {C&R} (700/900) SOLD FOR $805.00

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