998. Interesting German M42 Stahlhelm

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This is a German M42 Stahlhelm helmet with an apfelgrun and white camouflage paint. The exterior shows scattered flaking and oxidation. The interior has an apfelgrun paint with overall flaking and some oxidation. The rear of the helmet is marked "8035" and there do not appear to be any left skirt markings. There is some white paint writing on the right side that is Russian and reads "A. PETROV", there is German writing at the rear that reads "FRW 1/828/WOLGATAT LEG.", which may indicate use by the Volga-Tatar legion. The Volga-Tatar Legion was a volunteer German army unit composed of Tatars and other ethnic minorities in Russia. The M31 liner shows scattered crazing and dirt staining. The chinstrap shows overall crazing and some dirt staining. An interesting helmet that may benefit from further research. (207879-440CP) [Craig Brown Collection] (/) SOLD FOR $1,035.00

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