1. Fabulous Cased Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver

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serial #298860 all matching including wedge, .31 cal., 4'' octagon barrel with a bright minty bore and one-line New York address. This little Colt has lots of condition. The barrel retains 97% original blue with loss being due to some light silvering on the high edges and a few scattered light flakes where the exposed metal shows a wonderful smooth brown patina and with some light impact marks on right side of lug from wedge removal. The cylinder shows 100% of its stagecoach holdup scene and retains about 50% of its original blue with the balance flaked and showing a pleasing smooth brown patina. The frame shows 98% brilliant original color case-hardened finish with only real loss being on the highest edges of the recoil shield. The frame screws show only the lightest slot wear and retain lots of original fire temper blue. The backstrap and triggerguard both retain 99% original silver plated finish which bears a lovely untouched tarnish which appears almost as blue finish. The hammer and loading gate show virtually all of their original color case-hardened finish which has darkened slightly over time and has a lovely appearance. The face of the hammer, face of the recoil shield and nipple recesses show no pitting and this gun shows little if any evidence of being fired. The one-piece walnut grip rates excellent with 99% original vanish and just a couple light handling marks. The revolver comes in its original mahogany casing with faded burgundy baize lining. The condition of case is excellent with 95% original finish remaining and with a small drying crack in the edge of the lid and another crack in the softwood bottom of case. Included in the case is a minty Colt Patent two-cavity bullet mould marked ''31 PKT'' which retains 98% of its original blue along with an excellent eagle flask which retains about 70% of its original lacquer. The original key and a tin of Remington UMC caps are also present. The partitions are all firmly in place and the interior of the case has a wonderful untouched look as does the entire set. An investment quality casd Colt Pocket. (18751-56) {ANTIQUE} (4000/6000) Sold For 4025.00

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