10. Excellent Early Colt Model 1911 Civilian Government Model Semi-Auto Pistol

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serial #C777, 45 ACP, 5'' barrel with an about good bore which shows evident rifling but with frosting and scattered light pitting its full-length. This is a lovely 1912-made pistol, its three-digit serial number no doubt marking it as the first few months of production. The slide retains perhaps 92-95% original charcoal oven blue, the sharp edges toning to pewter, with scattered very light flaking to plum and the expected light handling marks and small scratches that come from the years. The frame shows a bit more of its lovely original blue, with light high edge wear and pewter toning on the frontstrap, also with sparsely scattered light handling marks. The safety, slide stop and hammer retain strong brilliant niter blue, the trigger fading somewhat along its leading edges but very strong on its rear surfaces, the right side of the magazine release as well shows strong niter blue. All of the markings remain crisp and are of the correct style for a pistol this early. The diamond-checkered walnut grips rate about excellent, the right grip showing a few small dings in the upper diamond, each showing light wear to the points. Included is a nice two-tone lanyard loop keyhole magazine, the blue remaining nice, the upper section drifting to a pewter and plum. The barrel is unmarked but for a single capital letter ''N'' on its underside directly ahead of the barrel lugs, these early barrels merely having inspectors markings, and not the later-seen proof firing marks. There is a reassembly scratch present on the frame which continues up onto the slide, it does not detract from the lovely finish on the balance of the pistol. The original round top, shallow U-notch rear sight is intact as is the thin blade front sight. Really a fabulous example overall of a super early-production civilian government model pistol in a very seldom-encountered state of condition. (38751-28) {C&R} (10,000/15,000) Sold For 11500.00

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