105. Fabulous Cased Colt Pocket Navy Percussion Revolver

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serial #15354, .36 cal., 4 1/2'' barrel with an as-new bore. This is a very high condition example of these scarce revolvers, many of which were converted to cartridge by the factory. The barrel has a one-line New York address and retains 98% brilliant original blue finish overall. The rebated cylinder shows all of its stagecoach holdup scene and retains 90 - 95% bright original blue finish overall. The frame shows about 95% original color case-hardened finish which has faded over time but is still all there and has a pleasing smoky pewter gray color overall. The loading lever and hammer are very similar in appearance and condition as the frame. The brass gripstraps retain 99% plus original silverplated finish overall. The one-piece walnut grip rates excellent with 97% original varnish remaining. The revolver comes in its original mahogany casing with accessories, all of which share the same stellar condition as the revolver. The case is lined in a rich green baize lining which is original and excellent with all partitions remaining firmly in place. The accessories include a minty blued ''Colt's Patent'' marked two-cavity bullet mould marked ''36 P'', a lovely ''Colt's Patent'' marked flask which retains 95% of its original lacquer, a very minty ''L'' shaped combination tool, a pack of 5 skin cartridges and an Eley cap tin. This is truly an investment quality cased Colt revolver. Formerly of the famous Bobby Smith Collection. (18751-57) {ANTIQUE} (6000/8000) Sold For 11500.00

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