1054. Special Order Winchester Model 1885 Low Wall Rifle

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serial #54891, 25-20 SS, 28'' octagon No. 1 weight barrel with a fair bore which shows evident rifling but with pitting its full-length. The barrel is primarily a plum brown patina with wear to pewter on some of the sharp edges with scattered light dings and handling marks from the years and some spots of light oxidation, some light pitting nearer the muzzle. The frame and lever have been nicely restored showing about 98% excellent quality vivid color case-hardening, very Winchester-style and very authentic to the arm. The screws and single-set trigger as well show nice pale fire temper and both hammer and breech block have been nicely case-hardened. The original smooth walnut pistolgrip stock with Swiss butt rates very fine to excellent and appears unmolested, with much original varnish and only a few light scattered handling marks from the years, the ebony pistolgrip insert remains intact. The wood remains proud of the metal and there is a tiny chip at front lower edge of buttstock but it is unobtrusive. The forend rates very good-fine showing a bit more wear and perhaps a few more handling marks, its tip insert is intact as well. The arm wears a factory special order Swiss style butt, the inletting at the upper tang is numbered ''642'' identically to the lower tang (642CF), the buttplate is not numbered but the inletting shows only factory milling marks and no additional inletting post-factory, additionally there is only one hole atop the stock inletting for buttplate tang, the tang itself is quite a bit longer than a standard Winchester crescent buttplate, were this a replacement there would be two holes beneath its tang, there is only one. The rifle is sighted with a Lyman No. 6 hunting front sight and a semi buckhorn Rocky Mountain-style step adjustable rear sight and the screws are present at the tang for mounting a tang sight there if one wished. Really a very handsome rifle, which left New Haven in 1892, it really deserves to have the barreled relined and rust blued. The ''set'' feature of the trigger does not currently function but is likely merely only an adjustment. A very respectable 1885 Low Wall that remains very handsome with much potential. (38954-4) {ANTIQUE} (1200/1800) Sold For 1265.00

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