120. Wonderful Factory Engraved Remington No. 1 Round Top Deluxe Sporting Rifle

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serial #295, 44 Long RF, 30'' octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore. This rifle features full coverage relief floral intertwined scroll engraving on the action with punchdot shaded background. The quality of the engraving is wonderful with the shading adding much depth and dimension. The breechblock and hammer also show relief floral scroll as does the barrel at both breech and muzzle. The forend cap and buttplate tang both show scroll engraving as well. The condition of the rifle is very nice with the barrel retaining 90 - 95% original finish overall with most loss due to thinning on the high edges. The action retains a pleasing mix of faded original color case-hardening and a pewter gray patina with a couple patches of oxidation staining which are not obtrusive. The hammer and breechblock were gold washed and retain about 85% of that finish. The buttplate and forend tip are iron and bear what looks to be an even gray patina overall. The straight grip buttstock and forend are of nicely figured walnut and rate excellent with 90 - 95% original piano finish. There are some drying cracks on the right side of the top tang which run in the grain and they all seem sound. The rifle is sighted with a Beach combination front and sporting rear with folding leaf with adjustable aperture. The leaf is missing its spring so it moves freely. This rifle is illustrated on page 108 of Marcot's Remington Rolling Block Sporting &?Target Rifles book. This is an extremely rare, highly desirable and high condition factory engraved Remington Rolling Block sporting rifle. (19009-26) {ANTIQUE} (7000/9000) Sold For 11500.00

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