1237. U.S. Model 1896 Krag Bolt Action Carbine by Springfield Armory

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serial #104720, 30-40 Krag, 22'' barrel with a fair bore that shows several patches of pitting. The barrel and band are mostly a dull gray patina with a couple tool marks in the rear sight channel and a couple spots of oxidation staining. The sideplate, magazine box and receiver are a gray patina with scattered traces of original oil quenched colors, a couple spots of light pitting and a couple spots of oxidation staining. The walnut stock rates very good as lightly-refinished with an added varnish, a strong circled ''P'' firing proof and a couple minor handling marks. There is no rear sight or rear sight base present, the handguard is the correct 1896 carbine type, a saddle bar and ring are present. A good candidate to fix up with a correct rear sight assembly. (209001-1) {ANTIQUE} (1000/1500) Sold For 805.00

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