1245. Colt 1776 ? 1976 Bicentennial Commemorative Three Gun Set

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This beautiful trio of famed Colt revolvers are housed in a 22"x13"x10" three-drawer oilfinished case with a side book compartment. All three revolvers have matching serial numbers and each is nestled in its own drawer. A single skeleton key is provided for the functioning locks on the drawers. The kit includes a hard-bound copy of Armsmear by Henry Barnard that rates excellent. The top drawer contains a Colt Single Action Army Revolver serial #1020PM, 45 Colt, 7 1/2" barrel with an excellent bore. The barrel, grip frame and cylinder retain about 99% original deep royal blue finish. The frame is case-hardened with a beautiful mix of blues, purples and straw. There are a series of small light scratches on the frame around the hammer screw and under the window. The smooth one-piece rosewood factory grips rate excellent and are accented with a pewter medallion of the Great Seal of the United States on the left side. Colt has used only a minimal amount of embellishments on the gun. The left side of the barrel is engraved "1776 ? U.S.A. BICENTENNIAL ? 1976". The cylinder is unfluted and adorned with a facsimile of the original thirteen stars and stripes and a second facsimile of the current U.S. flag. The names of the original thirteen colonies are evenly spaced between the two flags. This third-generation revolver has correct matching assembly numbers on all appropriate parts. The middle drawer houses a lovely Colt Python Revolver serial #1020PY, 357 Magnum, 6" ventilated rib barrel with an excellent bore. The metal surfaces retain about 99% original deep royal blue finish. What looks like a small ding under the window on the left side is the verified proof double struck off center. The smooth rosewood factory grips are in excellent condition with a pewter medallion of the Great Seal on the left panel. The barrel has been tastefully adorned in the same manner as the Single Action Army. The unfluted cylinder is engraved with the Liberty Bell along with the inscription "PROCLAIM LIBERTY ? THROUGHOUT THE LAND", the White House with the inscription "E PLURIBUS UNUM ? WASHINGTON D.C." and the Statue of Liberty with the inscription "GIVE ME LIBERTY ? OR GIVE ME DEATH". The last drawer houses a Colt Third Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver serial #1020DG, .44 cal., 7 1/2" barrel with an excellent bore. This authentic Colt cap-n-ball revolver retains about 99% original blue on the barrel and cylinder with a crisp Ranger and Indian scene. The frame, loading lever and hammer retain bold case-hardened colors and the grip frame has about 99% original silver plate. There is a small oxidation blemish below the right side of the window. The smooth one-piece rosewood factory grips rate excellent and are also decorated with a single pewter medallion of the Great Seal on the left side. The barrel is inscribed like the preceding two revolvers and all appropriate parts are serial or assembly numbered to the gun. The drawer also contains a Dragoon flask, combination screwdriver and nipple wrench with an oxidation blemish, brass round ball / conical ball mold and Colt marked percussion cap tin. The combo tool has a spot of oxidized pitting and there is a check several inches long on the left side of the draw. All three of the revolvers appear unfired and as new in the box except for the blemishes noted. Included with the set is a factory letter indicating this set was shipped as described to Mr. John Williams of Hartford, Connecticut on September 17, 1976. It further gives a brief history of this commemorative with interesting facts such it was the most deluxe commemorative issued by Colt in the 20th century. They also point out that Mr. Williams was a long-time foreman at Colt. The original woodgrain and Styrofoam boxes are included. Three of Colts finest revolvers, tastefully embellished to celebrate two hundred years of American freedom. (89033-11-12-13-14) {C&R} [John Williams Collection] (4000/6000) Sold For 5175.00

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