1246. Cased Set of Colt Model 1860 Army U.S. Cavalry Commemorative Percussion Revolvers

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serial #US1543 and #1543US, .44 cal., 8'' barrels with excellent bores. The blued barrels, backstraps and cylinders all retain 99% finish while the remainder of the steel parts show nice case-hardened colors. Both unfluted cylinders show quality engraved naval scenes. The triggerguards and frontstraps are slightly tarnished in a few scattered areas but are mostly bright. The smooth walnut grips are excellent, the fascimile inspector's marks are crisp and legible. The smooth walnut shoulder stock with brass hardware is about excellent. The case set also includes a two-cavity bullet mould, an Eley Bros/Colt marked cap tin, powder flask and related paperwork and manual. The case itself is in excellent condition and two factory boxes are present. (229033-14,15) {ANTIQUE} [John Williams Collection] (1200/1800) Sold For 920.00

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