1268. Whitney Kennedy Large Caliber Lever Action Rifle

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serial #F71, 45-60, 28'' round barrel with full magazine and a fair-good bore showing light pitting, oxidation and good rifling throughout. This is a rather rare configuration with its round barrel and is still early enough in production to retain the open lever. The metal surfaces are mostly a mottled dark brown patina showing spots of light pitting throughout, scratches, dings and moderate screw slot damage. A couple of the frame screws are older rather poorly-fitted replacements, the markings are rather soft and the barrel address is the single line Whitneyville Armory variation. The plain walnut stocks remain in good condition, the forend cleaned and refinished with a thin 2 1/4'' crack on the right side and the buttstock showing some scattered dings, 1 1/2'' thin crack at the upper tang and some thin chips at the lower tang. The sporting rear sight is a replacement still retaining some bright fire blue, the German silver blade front is rather worn down and the action is functional but the cartridge lifter is a little sluggish. Still a good example of a round-barreled 45-60. (138315-120LTS480) {ANTIQUE} [Lewis T. Steadman Collection] (1000/1500) Sold For 1150.00

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