1282. Early Whitney Kennedy Small Caliber Saddle Ring Military Carbine

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serial #857, 44-40, 19'' shortened round barrel with full magazine and an oxidized bore. This is an early example with front sight integral with the band and barrel marked only ''KENNEDY''. The metal surfaces of this carbine are mostly a dull gray-brown patina showing scattered scratches, small dings and patches of light pitting throughout. Most of the screw heads show moderate slot damage, a number of them appear to be older replacements and the barrel bands are held in by large pins. The gas vent on top of the bolt has been threaded for some reason and the magazine tube now extends just a little beyond the muzzle due to the barrel being shortened. All of the markings have softened from the years with the ''KENNEDY'' on the barrel almost entirely gone and the patent dates on the tang somewhat legible. The plain walnut stocks remain in fair condition with an older added varnish and the buttstock showing more wear overall with old smoothed-over chips around the tang and toe, numerous drying cracks along the butt, dings and scratches. The forend shows a thin 2'' crack forward of the band and some further dings, handling marks and flaking varnish. The rear sight is a two-position ''L'' sight with the taller setting marked for 300 and 500 yards and the front sight has an older added brass bead. The saddle ring is intact and the action still seems to function well mechanically. (138315-83LTS146) {ANTIQUE} [Lewis T. Steadman Collection] (800/1200) Sold For 1150.00

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