1288. Civil War-Era Lefaucheux Model 1854 Single Action Pinfire Revolver

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serial #35478, 12mm Pinfire, 6 1/4'' barrel with an oxidized bore showing some evident rifling. This revolver falls within the serial number range of U.S. ordnance purchases direct from the Lefaucheux firm. The metal surfaces of the barrel and cylinder retain perhaps 10-15% original blue mostly in the more protected areas with the balance toned to dark brown patina with light pinprick pitting scattered about. The frame is a similar brown patina showing some remnants of silvery case-hardened patina. The Lefaucheux marking on the top of the barrel is somewhat legible while the markings on barrel extension tang are clear; the left side properly marked with the Lefaucheux address and the right with the serial number and ''(Pistol) / LF'' logo. The smooth walnut grips remain in very good plus condition retaining strong original varnish flaking lightly throughout along with some minor handling marks. The loading gate and cylinder are matching the frame by assembly number, the barrel's number is no longer visible and the lanyard ring and ejector rod are intact. Timing is excellent and lockup is a little loose on some of the chambers. A nice example likely purchased by the Union and issued during the Civil War. (138737-28) {ANTIQUE} [Dr. Louis C. March Jr. Collection] (800/1200) Sold For 690.00

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