1298. Scarce U.S. Model 1877 Trapdoor Rifle by Springfield Armory

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serial #81333, 45-70, 32 5/8'' barrel with an about very good bore that shows several patches of pitting but strong rifling. The barrel is mostly a mottled brown patina with scattered traces of original blue and a lightly cleaned area of pitting near muzzle. The bands retain generous traces of original blue with overall flaking to brown, while the nosecap is mostly a dull brown patina with some lightly cleaned pitting. The breechblock, hammer and upper tang retain strong traces of original case colors with a minor spot of oxidation on the breechblock. The breechblock is turning to a light gray patina with a couple small spots of light pitting, while the triggerguard is turning to a dull gray patina with scattered oxidation staining. The walnut stock rates very good plus with a crisp 1877 dated cartouche, a crisp circled ''P'' firing proof, a couple light chips in the ramrod channel near the front and the expected scattered handling marks. This rifle appears to be an 1877 model, it has a 10 1/2'' comb, it falls within the correct serial number range for 1877 models, it has the correct breechblock markings and an 1877 rear sight. The rifle is equipped with a correct ramrod. A very good example of a hard-to-find Trapdoor rifle variant. (208737-391) {ANTIQUE} [Dr. Louis C. March Jr. Collection] (800/1200) Sold For 977.50

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