1316. Early U.S. Model 1903 Bolt Action Rifle by Springfield Armory

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serial #219245, 30-06, 24'' 1905-dated Springfield barrel with a fair bore that shows worn rifling and scattered oxidation. The barrel and front band are toning to a gray patina with some silvering, some oxidation spots under handguard, a couple minor dings and some light oxidation staining. The other parts retain 90% gray arsenal parkerized finish with some minor oxidation staining and scattered fading. The reproduction walnut stock and handguard are of the correct early type with no bolts and no sighting groove in the handguard. The stock rates excellent with a partially faded circled ''P'' firing proof, a few handling marks and a loose fit with the handguard. The receiver appears to be from 1906, it is marked with a double stamped ''SAA-E'' San Antonio Arsenal Rebuild stamp and the barrel appears to be from an earlier rifle in 30-03 that was rechambered. The bolt has a punchmark on the underside of the handle, the magazine cutoff and buttplate are all correct and the rear sight is the 1906 type. As with all low numbered 1903 rifles no thought should be given to the loading or firing of this arm. An interesting 1903 that will make a good example piece of an early rifle. (208809-73) {C&R} (800/1200) Sold For 747.50

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